The Industrial Pollution Information Exchange website is designed to provide a platform for the gathering and sharing of knowledge and experience about Industrial Pollution.

The Industrial Pollution Information Exchange website is designed to provide a platform for the gathering and sharing of knowledge and experience about Industrial Pollution. Whether you are an NGO representative, academic or researcher, public authority representative, politician, technique provider or current or potential future funder, this website should serve as a place to gather information as well as submit your own expertise or enquiries.

The EEB is keen to engage non governmental organisations and academics working at national, European and international levels. 

NGO representatives with expertise or an interest in industrial pollution are warmly invited to contact the EEB to discuss their positions and share their experience. 

Knowledge gained in Bulgaria could help inform colleagues in Denmark, experience of working with – or against – polluters in Spain could be relevant to similar work in Latvia. We aim to provide an opportunity for all those active in this area to contribute to our collective work to improve the performance of industrial production across Europe and beyond.

In fact, NGOs operating at national and regional levels within EU member states have an opportunity to increase their impact by monitoring or actively participating in the national ‘BREF mirror groups’. These groups operate in most EU countries ,and and provide input into the preparation of national positions in the Sevilla Process. NGOs have a responsibility to scrutinise national decision making processes, and may even have the opportunity to attract funding in order to do do this.

More information about the sector-specific BREFs, their status and the EEB’s current role in their development, is available under the Sevilla Process tab at the top of this page. 

The EEB is also active in wider Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) implementation work. We are currently investigating the availability of access to plant and permit information, water usage and emissions. Our projects are presented in a dedicated section of this website. A project investigating steel production is pending as it awaits funding. 

NGOs or academics interested in any of these issues and academics involved in the study or development of pollution reduction techniques are kindly invited to contact us to share their knowledge or to learn more about the work we do.

Does your company produce or develop equipment that is effective in reducing pollution from industrial sources? Do you have the evidence to back up your claims?

Demonstrating the performance of Best Available Techniques (BAT) is a crucial part of the Sevilla Process and open calls are made for evidence of industrial activity that causing low levels of ‘0’ pollution. Ensuring your company’s techniques are recognised as BAT has obvious financial advantages.

In 2020 the EEB launched the Industrial Plant Data Viewer (IPDV), which allows the public to access and compare data on industrial emissions from large combustion plants across the EU.

The EEB already works with a number of technique providers that share our interest in pushing for the most ambitious industrial performance. If your business makes this performance possible then get in touch to see how we can work together to reduce pollution in Europe.

The EEB works closely together with a number of public authorities in order to ensure the effective implementation of European rules and standards at the national and regional level. 

Public authorities looking to increase local NGO involvement in their work should can contact us to find out more about the national BREF mirror groups and our experience of sharing best practices across borders. 

We are currently working on a project investigating access to permit and pollution information across the EU28 + Norway. A report will be published in early 2017 detailing the results of an investigation into the regional and national online portals that make this information available. 

Please contact us for more information about our implementation work and or to discuss cooperation in other fields.

As an elected official you can contribute to reducing industrial pollution in a number of ways:

  • Speak out about the need for, and benefits of, reducing and controlling industrial pollution
  • Take an active role in new legislation that aims to tackle pollution
  • Ensure proper implementation of existing laws and rules
  • Apply pressure, both from within and outside Government, on businesses and environmental authorities
  • Make sure you have a access to the latest information and a good understanding of the topic in genera

Feel free to contact us with any enquiries and we will do out best to assist your work. On the contact page you will find more information about who best to get in touch with on the various topics we are active on.

The EEB’s work is made possible thanks to contributions of our various funders. We are grateful for the support of the European Commission, the European Climate Foundation, the Austrian Environment Protection Agency (Umweltbundesamt GmbH) and the German Environmental Protection Agency (Umweltbundesamt) for the creation and upkeep of this website.

If you are a foundation or other organisation interested in supporting our work, or looking to develop new projects and programmes related to our areas of expertise, we would be keen to hear from you about how we could work together to reduce industrial pollution and its impact on the environment.

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