European Environmental Bureau – Industrial Production Team 

Christian Schaible
Policy Manager
Tel.: +3222891090

Christian manages the industrial production team and takes an active role in IED implementation and the BREF drafting and review process. He took part in the development of the revised LCP BREF and is active in overseeing its implementation. He is currently following the WGC, STS, FMP and FDM BREFs and is interested in all relevant horizontal issues. He speaks German, French and English.

Aliki Kriekouki
Senior Technical Officer for Industrial Production
Tel.: +3227908819

Aliki follows the BREF drafting and review process and is currently following the development of the WI and WT BREFs. She speaks Greek and English.

Jean-Luc Wietor
Senior Policy Officer for Industrial Production
Tel.: +3222741017

Jean-Luc works on emissions from industrial activities to the environment, focussing on updating and implementing the IED, and promoting ambition, best practices and techniques.He speaks Luxembourgish, German, French, Dutch, and English as well as some Italian and Spanish.

Samuel Gregory-Manning
Communication Officer
Tel.: +3228972267

Samuel is responsible for communications on industrial emissions. He deals with press and media inquiries, manages this website, and helps with external communications. A native English speaker, he also speaks French.

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