Waste Treatment (WT BREF)

The Waste Treatment BREF covers a very wide variety of waste treatment activities, primarily those leading to air and water emissions. 

Most waste treatment installations emit carbon dioxide, ammonia and particulate matter. Issues such as odour and volatile organic compounds are also relevant, in particular for biological and solvents wastes streams treatment. Other contaminants that might be found at some sites are acids (hydrogen chloride), amines and nitrogen oxides.

The most common water pollutants are heavy metals and certain organic chemicals which are also relevant to soil contamination (in particular due to diffuse emissions from physic-chemical treatment). Other components that may occur are PAHs and dioxins, mainly because they are imported with the waste to be treated.

The EEB aims to ensure the strongest possible standards in the interests of human health and environmental protection.

For more information and to find out how you can contribute, please see our more detailed [WT BREF Briefing].