EEB Industry Working Group

The EEB Working Group on Industry works on issues related to industrial activities in the EU. It consists of EEB members who share the common goal of reducing the harmful impacts that industrial installations may cause on people’s health and the environment. 

The group comes together to form EEB policy by sharing scientific evidence and experience of best practices from the Member State level.

Topics of interest to the group include: 

  • The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED)
  • The Sevilla Process and related BREF work
  • The European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR)
  • The SEVESO III Directive (accidents involving dangerous substances)
  • Related EU policies (liability, environmental impact assessments, chemical legislation, etc)

The Industry Working Group meets once or twice a year and is coordinated by Industrial Production Policy Manager Christian Schaible

More information about EEB Membership is available on our main website.